APIEU Water Light Tint CR01


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APIEU WATER LIGHT TINT_CR01 Adheres to lips lightly to create a moisturizing luster without the feeling of stickiness.


1. SKILL CHECK # Moisture Water Moisturizing and Oil Smooth at the same time! # Light Texture Double-sided soft hug tips to create tight, dewy lips. #Clear Color Even if you apply it over, it has a clear color. Okay!


+ Fruit Peel Oil Complex (Orange peel oil, Lemon peel oil) Add nourishment and glow to the lips.

+ Lotus Flower Water Moisturizing

+ Rose / Peach / Cherry Blossom / Grapefruit / Mango / Orange extract Helps to make lively lips



HOW TO USE: Gently apply a moderate amount from the inside of lips to the outside.



  1. plumfairy

    This was the perfect light pink color – it is very sheer so it is perfect for when you have a no make up look!

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