MISSHA Time Revolution Night Probio Ampoule 50ml


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With probiotics that are 10 x more powerful.
Sold more than 10 million pieces


1.10 types of probiotics that strengthens skin’s own power to heal.
10 types of probiotics with different properties revitalize skin and keep it healthy
2.Contains 5 violet energy sources
With violet carrots, violet cabbages, eggplant, beetroots, blueberries, ampoule helps to soothes and keep skin beautifully smooth and clear
3.Double Fermentation PRO FERMENT α™ makes your skin different each morning
Contains high quality probiotics fermentation through double fermentation in warm and cold temperatures.


Apply a generous amount after toner. Pat lightly for full absorption.



  1. yoonahk1

    My go to nighttime routine! Seeing great results.

  2. roserenity

    The bottle is beautiful, the applicator works really well, and it feels quite moisturizing!

  3. Dooley17

    Lovely rich serum. Light on my skin, absorbs quickly and completely. Don’t detect a scent. This inspired me to try the matching moisturizer.

  4. Bianka21

    Good quality product. Mild and gentle when applied; probably less potent than I expected.

  5. Cayococo

    I really love this product the skin is smooth and moisturized in the morning. I bought the night Revolution set with the night cream and the result is visible in 2 weeks.

  6. cgnnl

    Leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth in the morning.

  7. plumfairy

    I was a huge fan of the old version of this ampoule and like that they’ve updated this – first of, the bottle is so beautiful and I love the same applicator system where it pulls the amount of product but also has a seal where if I tip the bottle over, the product doesn’t spill. I’m not sure I see any obvious differences between the new and old formula but have this as a must have for serums!

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