MISSHA Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream 50ml


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EXP: 2022/12/22

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  1. roserenity

    It smells nice and is light in texture, bit for someone with combo skin, it makes the t-zone area feel a little oily after a while.

  2. plumfairy

    I have repurchased this cream so many times! It looks like it would be very heavy but actually it absorbs immediately and has a nice dry feel afterwards.

  3. hartkate

    I use this cream as a night cream, as I find it a bit too heavy for daytime use (I use the Super Aqua line for daytime, as I prefer a very light cream for day use). It is probably the best quality Missha cream I have used – it truly feels and smells like a much more expensive cream. As a night cream, it is quite light and very moisturizing. I would wake up in the morning with very smooth, non-dry skin. It is expensive, which is why I took off one star. I am trying all the heavier Missha creams to see if I can get buy with a slightly less expensive cream, but will likely return to this. I liked the smell – kind of clinical, but subtle. Not a strong scent at all.

  4. Franky

    I like missha skincare,. So far, I had no issues with it but this moisturizer let me down big time. It has this very bad cheap soap smell, that makes me nauseous every time I use it, and it won’t go away. It was important for me to let other ladies (or gents) to know about it since it is a big deal for me. If knew it I would not have purchased this cream. I cant’t really tell the effects of the moisturizer on skin since I stoped using it after couple tries.

  5. plumfairy

    I love the rich buttery texture of this cream which applies and absorbs really quickly – it’s perfect for the winter time and my face is a soft matte after applying this. It also has arbutin in it which is a brightening ingredient!

  6. saranghaemom

    I have been using this cream for 6 years and I have been always satisfied with this product. I usually use this under makeup after Cho Gong Jin ampoule and before sun block lotion for day time. It’s rich but not greasy at all.

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