MISSHA Super Aqua Snail Cream 52ml


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Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream (52ml)

Renewed 2018


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4 reviews for MISSHA Super Aqua Snail Cream 52ml

  1. roserenity

    Literally a holy grail. It lightens your skin almost immediately (put it on at night and woke up and noticed my skin looking a little brighter and less red, scars wasn’t as obvious although it didn’t really fade them), feels really hydrating and satisfying to put on because it’s not really a cream as opposed to kind of a gel-y texture! Love it, worth every penny.

  2. plumfairy

    I hate to be the opposing voice and while I loved the light texture of this cream and it felt beautiful, I felt like the snail concentration could be higher and there are so many great other products out there!

  3. Danoesubroto

    It removed all my pimples and other dark marks on my chin area.. i have been using for 2 months and im really happy with it.. thank you missha..

  4. annegreen

    The first time I tried this snail cream I wasn’t sure of the results I would get. Next Morning redness and cystic pimples practically gone. A new Holy Grail.

  5. May

    Absolutely love this cream! My skin feels so smooth and soft afterwards. Definitely not slimey and a little goes so far.

  6. Loveline lovely

    My sister bought this for me and ask me to try it. Just after few days I saw the change in my face.
    The wrinkle under one of my eye is gone, and my skin is free from hydration and dry skin. Thank you sister to introduce me to MISSHA!!

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