MISSHA Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch Set 8pcs


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1 review for MISSHA Speedy Solution Anti Trouble Patch Set 8pcs

  1. plumfairy

    So I have to update my review now that I finally have figured out how to use the product. Initially, I thought these were like the colloid bandages that absorb any fluid in blemishes but it in fact is not. It’s a patch that delivers tea tree oil and salyclic acid I now use this on cysts or blemishes that are red or just emerging and this is very effective in shortening the healing time and flattening it overnight. They are very subtle and stick very well.

  2. plumfairy

    I liked how you get a lot of stickers with this and the stickers are quite large (compared to the 3M brand where some of the stickers are so small, they are hard to put on and fall off immediately). They were thin, easy to apply and stayed in place. The only thing was I found this was not that effective in absorbing any liquid so may try a different one next time.

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