MISSHA Waffle Shaped Makeup Sponge 20PCS


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Waffle Mini Puff_20P



1. Large Volume
About 2/3 the size of a Waffle puff 4P, easy to use daily.


2. Absorbs excess sebum and enhances coverage
Soft and fluffy waffle puff absorbs excess sebum and enhances coverage
as you tap repeatedly to complete flawless makeup.
*Tip : Spray mist onto the puff to express moisturized and radiant makeup!


3. Excellent elasticity
Puff made of NR (Natural Rubber) material that has excellent elasticity and resilience improves
the adherence to skin for spotless makeup.


4. Trapezoid Cutting
Use the wide side on your forehead and cheek and use the edges around the nose and mouth area
to cover all corners of your face for perfect makeup.


*The wide side helps an easy and quick makeup without clumping
*The edges help to cover all corners of your face.



  1. plumfairy

    I like this package of puffs – it’s really convenient and is the perfect shape to press and set my foundation!

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