MISSHA Vita C Plus Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule 15g


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MISSHA Vita C Plus Spot Correcting Concentrate Ampoule_15g

Improve 4-layered blemish by popping vitamin C powder
with a high concentration of Vitamin C

1. Uses Vitamin C of 99% purity produced in the UK


2. Applies Missha’s technology that has high adherence
#Vitamin C liposome formula 25%
Vitamin C liposome
that’s stabilized with a phospholipid structured capsule
effectively delivers components to skin

3. Synergy with Vitamin C
Skin protection by collagen, fullerenes, and Vitamin E. Moisturizing care
by ceramide and hyaluronic acid(*Based on the characteristics of the ingredients)

4. Pop the capsule right before usage for freshness

1. Open the lid and pump once.
Shake it to make the Vitamin C powder mix well with the liquid.

2. Pump the well-mixed ampoule once or twice on the face and spread evenly

3. Apply once more on the area with more blemishes
(*Can be used both during the day and night)


-It could cause skin irritation due to a high concentration of Vitamin C. Recommended to conduct an allergy test on the arm or back of ear before usage. Stop usage if skin irritation occurs.
-The color could become lighter as time passes due to its natural color.
Does not affect the product
-Keep it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight




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