MISSHA Vita C Plus Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser 120ml


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MISSHA Vita C Plus Clear
Complexion Foaming Cleanser_120ml

A Vitamin C plus foaming cleanser
that gets rid of skin waste and clears dullness

1. Uses Vitamin C of 99% purity produced in the UK


2. Applies Missha’s technology that has high adherence
#Vitamin C liposome formula 25%
Vitamin C liposome
that’s stabilized with a phospholipid structured capsule
effectively delivers components to skin


3. Synergy with Vitamin C
Skin protection by collagen, fullerenes, and Vitamin E. Moisturizing care
by ceramide and hyaluronic acid(*Based on the characteristics of the ingredients)


4. Spot correcting ampoule with low irritation
With the skin-friendly ingredients,
those with sensitive skin can comfortably use it.




1. Take an adequate amount on hand and make foam.
2. Massage softly according to skin texture.
3. Wash off with lukewarm water.

*Cautions in use and storage*
-The color could become lighter as time passes
due to its natural color. Does not affect the product






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