MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Pencil Liner Ash Brown


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Ultra Powerproof Pencil Eyeliner_0.2g

An ultra long-lasting, no-smudging pencil eyeliner that stays against water, sweat, and sebum


1. Ultrapowerful Long-lasting Pencil Eyeliner
Creates powerful, smudge-proof, long lasting eyeline that does not smudge against water, sweat and sebum

2. Ultra Smooth Gliding
Allows ultra smooth, effortless drawing of eyelines in a single stroke

3. Ultra Quick Drying
Quickly dries on skin for no smudging & transferring of eyelines that stays fresh and flawless for a long time


1. Twist the bottom of the eyeliner to pull up the pencil lead as desired
2. Gently draw following the lash line

TIP. Wait for 3-5 seconds after drawing for it to completely fix on your eyes! (For deeper looking eyes naturally blend using the sponge tip.)



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