MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Tint Marker 0.6g


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MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Tint Marker 0.6g

(Dark Brown/Neutral Brown/Light Brown)

1. It is real-lasting with no concern of removal with its self-tanning ingredient even after washing the face.

Coloring Principle of Tint Brow Markers – DHA(Dihydroxyacetone) ingredient gives a self-tanning effect,

lasting for a few days, and the applied color naturally softens and disappears over time.


*It may depend on individuals


2. Tips of a quadrident that make the eyebrows look natural.

The quadrident tips made to express each strand of eyebrows.


3. Color chart


 Dark Brown

Dark brown goes well with natural hair and dark hair.


 Neutral Brown

A natural brown goes well with medium bright hair.


 Light Brown

The light brown goes well with bright hair and bleached hair.



Before putting on makeup, spread it out evenly along the grain of your eyebrows.



If you use it before going to bed, you can create natural eyebrows after washing your face the next morning.


*If there is a foreign substance on the brush, the contents may not come out evenly,

so please wipe it with a wet tissue after use.





Dark Brown, Light Brown, Neutral Brown


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