MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Mascara 4g


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MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Brow Mascara_4g

(Gray Brown / Dark Brown / Neutral Brown / Light Brown / Red Brown)

1. The coloring that wraps around each eyebrow tightly.

2. With a mini brush, you can apply it perfectly on your eyebrows without any color on your eyelids.


Fine triangular brush for fine and clean eyebrow coloring.

3. Color chart


Gray Brown


Ash gray brown that goes well with black hair and dark hair.

Dark Brown


Dark brown goes well with natural hair and dark hair.

Neutral Brown


A natural brown goes well with medium bright hair.

Light Brown


The light brown goes well with bright hair and bleached hair.

Red Brown


The red brown goes well with reddish hair.


1. Draw the outline of the eyebrows with a brow pencil.


2. Apply it thoroughly in the opposite direction of your eyebrows.

3. Brush lightly in the direction of your eyebrows.


Dark Brown, Gray Brown, Light Brown, Neutral Brown, Red Brown


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