MISSHA Tonight Brilliance Lip & Eye Patch 4ml / 7ea


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4ml / 7ea

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MISSHA Tonight Brilliance Lip & Eye Patch_4ml*7EA

Silver foil material with a honeycomb pattern
completely delivers the core protein essence of pearls,

while the lip and eye patch delivers concentrated care
on the dull eye area and laugh lines with functional ingredients


1. Real radiance

– We have collected pearl protein, the beautiful jewel under the sea
– With meticulous technology, we have micro-sized particles
to help with deep absorption
– It delivers moisture to each layer of the skin
and awakens skin’s original radiance

– Collected conchiolin (pearl protein), the core ingredient
that firmly connects the pearl particles together,
to replenish moisture in each layer of skin for firm and healthy skin.


2. Vibrant Radiance

By closely depositing holographic silver foil
in a honeycomb pattern on a sheet of thinly cut,
soft Tencel fabric it improves adhesion and absorption


3. Multi Radiance

Cares for both the lines around the eyes and mouth
– A lip and Eye patch with a dolphin-like shape
that fits the lines of the eyes and lips for concentrated care

Before using make sure to press the pouch thoroughly
so the formula can evenly seep into the sheet



1. When using on the eye area
– After applying toner, take 1 set of the patch in the pouch
and place the head part of the dolphin
under the inner corner of your eyes
and the tail part following the outer corner of your eyes
2. When using on the mouth area
– Take 1 set of the patch and place the head part of the dolphin
next to the side of your nose and adhere
on following the laugh lines

After 10~20 minutes, peel the patch off
and pat on the remaining essence.


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