MISSHA Time Revolution The First All Day Cream 50ml


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MISSHA Time Revolution The First All Day Cream_50ml

City-proof Daily Protector,
an urban shield that protects skin against
the harsh urban environment


1. Protection of skin from its quiet enemy, the indoor environment
It offers healthy care to skin that’s exhausted
from exposure to the dry, sealed-off office environment all day long.


2. Protection of skin from the unavoidable external environment – dust, etc.
It protects skin against the unavoidable external environment.


3. Protection of skin from the heat that affects the skin condition
It soothes skin that has become sensitive due to friction on the skin, dry wind, etc.


4. Daily care that takes charge of skin tone, texture, and moisture in the morning and evening
It is a daily cream that contains concentrated high-quality
ferment filtrate to take care of skin tone, texture, and moisture.



The cationic liposome (positively charged liposome) developed
using the skin’s property of being negatively charged has a structure
opposite to that of skin. Such a structure is advantageous for
attachment to and absorption into the skin, helping protect the skin.




Contains lutein – which is known as a skin-protecting agent
– and marigold (Calendula officinalis flower extract),
which contains large amounts of lutein, to provide care to
skin exhausted from the urban environment


Cica Ferment Filtrate (Saccharomyces Ferment Extract)
Makes strong skin with Cica ferment filtrate to protect skin


Lactococcus Ferment Lysate
Contains lactobacillus ferment developed by CLR,
a German company that has been conducting research
on fermentation technology for over 100 years, to help keep skin healthy



How to use: 

At the last step of skincare, evenly apply an appropriate
amount on the face and allow it to be absorbed into skin.




  1. plumfairy

    Although it’s not advertised, this has an SPF 15 and I love it as a daytime cream that combines lots of great ingredients and I can also wear outside as well. Fast absorbing and a lovely light texture

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