MISSHA Time Revolution Regenerating Royal Essence Lotion 80ml


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MISSHA Time Revolution Regenerating Royal Essence Lotion_80ml

Provides firm, youthful, radiant skin, evoking exclamation


1. Elastic, closely adhering high moisture essence lotion Provides smooth, elastic skin by densely filling damaged areas of skin with ample energy

Moist, soft texture closely adheres to skin, providing elastic effect without any sticky feeling


2. The mystical power of queen beepeptide! A mimic (Penta peptide-48) of Royalactin, a secret substance that determines the queen bee among honey bees, infuses energy into the skin and fills tired skin with vitality.

3. Regenerating royally, taking care of aging signs Provides beautiful skin by responding strongly to the five functions (elasticity improvement, skin tone improvement, skin protection, moisture supply, skin nourishment) that aging skin needs.

4. Elastic LiposomeTM processing method

Helps absorption of active substances by applying Elastic LiposomeTM processing method that changes the shape of particles when being absorbed into the skin



At the next step of serum, evenly apply a suitable amount on the face in the direction of skin texture.



1 EA, 20 EA


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