MISSHA Time Revolution Night Ampoule Cream 5X 50ml


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MISSHA Time Revolution
Night Ampoule Cream 5X_50ml

“Intensive aging care Deep sleep cream”

#Compressed 10-hour deep sleep effect just like after getting a good nights rest
#Reduces 10 signs of aging #Intensive elasticity and anti-aging formula that went through extreme fermentation


Main Ingredients [51% of Extreme Biome?]
(Bifida ferment lysate +10 types of probiotics)
Violet energy ingredients / Trehalose

Ingredients combined with 10 different fermented ingredients
Including Bifida Ferment Lysate that went through an extreme fermentation process
-> Highly concentrated ingredient with ultra-powerful effects
delivered by extreme fermentation care!


MISSHA’s own fermentation absorption technology
EXTREME FERMENT processing method
MISSHA’s own fermentation absorption technology stably delivers
effective skincare ingredients to the skin with excellent skin-friendliness
by combining MISSHA’s own extreme fermentation method and special
DELIVERY TECHNOLOGY that helps offer a much denser absorption.


1. Special fermentation process performed 3 times
in extreme + cold + warm conditions

Stage 1 Special process to induce the growth of yeast and
the generation of ingredients helpful to the skin

Stage 2 High-quality activation at the optimum temperature of 30 degrees,
which activates the fermentation ingredients

Stage 3 Concentrated fermentation by applying low-temperature
vacuum impact to the activated yeast fermentation extract

Stage 4 Extraction by compressed filtration of raw materials
fermented 3 times in extreme + cold + warm conditions


MISSHAs own absorption technology enhance friendliness to the skin and help with absorption by making the effective skincare ingredients of extreme fermentation into phospholipids that are similar to the structure of the skin


3. Compressed deep sleep effect just like after getting 10 hours of sleep
Improvement of skin deprived of sleep for 10 hours
Elasticity / radiance / lifting / skin texture / moisture / skin tone / brightness



4. Features & Test Results!

Reduction of signs of aging
Elasticity / wrinkles / pigmentation / density / resilience /
moisture / radiance / skin texture / lifting / soothing

48-hour-long lasting moisturizing power

Skin improvement in external environments
(Moisture deprivation and interference test)


5. Change in texture!
A RICHER feeling of use & BETTER inner moisturizing effect



Apply a generous layer to the face and neck daily.

Pat lightly for full absorption.




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