MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence 150ml


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EXP: 2022/09/03


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MISSHA Time Revolution Artemisia Treatment Essence_150ml It is Limited to the Ingredient’s Nature!

Contains Ganghwa Island’s very own artemisia extracts in a pot made by a pot master through the traditional method. After going through two times of natural fermentation in warm and cool temperatures, the product is finally available to all who are seeking for soothing care.


1. Artemisia concentrate that went trough double natural fermentation Natural artemisia extracts as they are by naturally fermenting it twice in warm and cool temperatures during September in Ganghwa Island


2. Artemisia soothing care for sensitive skin Used one single ingredient to soothe sensitive skin


3. Mist type soothing care for sensitive skin Put the same content of Artemisia Treatment Essence in the bottle for even distribution of the content by the spray. (No-Gas) Suitable for sensitive skin



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  1. Marian Sia

    This product lives up to the countless reviews I’ve read and watched before purchasing. Definite plus that it was on sale!

  2. Rinni585

    This was added to my order as a sample…now I have to buy it, it’s fantastic. I struggle with acne and skin dryness and texture. This doesn’t make me break out (I’ve noticed my existing spots have healed a lot better than usual since using this) my pores look nicer and the overall texture of my skin is so soft and smooth

  3. plumfairy

    This is pricey but I did enjoy it – it has a really nice luxurious texture and I find it very moisturizing in the winter. It has a pleasant herbal smell and I find it very relaxing to use in the evening.

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