MISSHA The Cushion Skin Matte 12g


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MISSHA The Cushion Skin Matte_12g

Long-wearing makeup up to 9-hour under COVID-19 mask Makeup smudge prevention under COVID-19 mask Appropriateness for sensitive skin tested

#Closely adhering cushion foundation! #Well-made cushion #Smudge-free cushion #Real fixer cushion #Cushion foundation jointly developed by 1,000 consumers #Smooth skin look #Matte finish #Low-irritant cushion


1. Real littlesmudging Fixer in Cushion

Missha Cushion & Fixer BlendingTM patented processing method

Expresses smooth skin that is not messed up easily even by external rubbing
Defense against water, sweat, and sebum! Uses strong oil and moisture cutting powder

2. Missha Cushion & Fixer Blending
Step1: Close adherence to skin as if coloring!
Step2: Forms a base coating film!
Misshas patented cushion technology effectively protects makeup with two steps

3. NEW Skin Matte Finish Achieve weightless and translucent complexion without stuffy and dry feelings

4. Comfortable Cushion Contains green propolis, Herbal AC Complex, and Wheat Sprout Extract that provides rest to skin



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