MISSHA Talks Vegan Squeeze Pocket Sleeping Mask Mega Nutritious 10g


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MISSHA Talks Vegan Squeeze Pocket Sleeping Mask [Mega Nutritious]_10g

to help fill up the skin with clean recipe and makes you to expect the morning skin

#SuperVegan #Cleanfilling #OvernightRecharge #SqueezeSleepingMask #SubactidityMask


1. Super Vegan Recipe
Mix-matched recipe with golden ratio of Super Food
to protect the sensitive skin from external environment

100% Vegan Recipe
*Approved by France Vegan Association eve VEGAN*



2. Freshly Squeezed Super Vegan Ingredients


3. Convenient Pocket Type

Pocket type for the convenient use!

[Skin Fitness] Pumpkin + Red Bean
(Swell) & (Skin Condition) 82%

Muan Pumpkin(Pumpkin Extract): To help care neglected skin
Gochang Red Bean(Red Bean Extract): To help refresh the skin condition

#Sleek Skin
Hydrogel Cream


[Skin Smoother] Apple + Pineapple
(Dean Skin Cell Care) & (Skin Texture) 82%

Cheongsong Apple(Apple Extract): To help clear dead skin cell with AHA ingredient
Philippine Pineapple(Pineapple Extract): To help sleek rough skin texture

#Dead Skin Cell Care
Melting Cream


[Mega Nutritious] Noni + Coconut
(Nourishing) & (Moisturizing) 82%

Hawaii Noni(Noni Extract): To help nourish and energize the exhausted skin
Malaysia Coconut(Coconut Extract): To help provide moisture to dry skin

Nutritious Cream




At the last step of skin care, apply appropriate amount on face and sleep.
Wash off your face with lukewarm water next morning.





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