MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Hyalron Peeling Gel 100ml


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MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra
Hyalron Peeling Gel_100ml

“Eggshell Peeling” for effective removal of old dead skin cells


1. #Old_Dead_Skin_Cells # Clear_Radiance #Eggshell_Like_Skin
The brightening complex & plant-derived cellulose ingredients provide eggshell-like,
smooth, clear skin after removing old impurities and dead skin cells.


2. Moisturizing without any taut feelings, even after peeling

Moisture combined with variously sized of 10-layer hyaluronic acid molecules
keeps the skin moisturized without any taut feeling even after skin peeling.


3. Upgraded points compared to existing products

i) Plant-derived cellulose
ii) 10-layer hyaluronic acid compound
iii) Brightening care
iv) Mild formula


What is hyaluronic acid?
– Moisturizing component, type of polysaccharide,
that attracts moisture 1,000 times its weight
– Has excellent absorbing power by attracting hydro molecules.
– Stops moisture from getting evaporated and
delivers moisture and nourishment to the skin

Why Super Aqua 10-step hyaluronic acid?
Various sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules fill
in moisture in every layer through watergate


Towel dry the face after cleansing.
Dispense an appropriate amount of the product into your palm
and evenly apply on the entire face, avoiding the skin around the eyes and mouth. Gently rub the face in a massaging motion until dead skin cells
and impurities are removed and rinse off with lukewarm water.



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