MISSHA Premium Pink Aloe Cleansing Balm 100g


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MISSHA Premium Pink Aloe Cleansing Balm_100g

Powerful soothing effects of novel aloe

[ EGW green graded ingredients! ]

1. A cleanser for ultra-sensitive skin
Pink aloe ingredient with EWG green grade mild base gently removes skin wastes
so skin feels comfortable even during cleansing

[Aloe transforms into a pink color for your sensitive skin]

“Pink aloe” is produced by withstanding high temperatures above 80 degrees.
It has higher EMODIN ingredients than regular aloe that help with skin-soothing!

2. Highly moisturizing cleansing that leaves behind moisture
Hyaluronic acid and skin lipid-like ceramides of various sizes prevent moisture evaporation
so even after cleansing skin feels moisturized and not taut

3. Cleansing Balm: No more hassle with cleansing. You only need one product
A sherbet texture that feels like grated aloe, melts with skin temperature
and brings out large amounts of oil and nourishing ingredient
and cleanly removes heavy makeup


Low/Medium/High Molecular Hyaluronic acid
– Delivers and maintains moisture

Pink Aloe
– Soothes sensitive skin

Soapwort Leaf extract
– Creates soft lather

1. On dry hands take an appropriate amount with the spatula
2. Gently massage on the face to melt the makeup
3. Add a little bit of water for the emulsifying process
and wash off with lukewarm water


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