MISSHA Pearl In Love Gloss Marry You 5.3ml


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EXP: 2022/10/07

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MISSHA Pearl In Love Gloss Marry You_5.3ml

Cheerful pink + blue opal pearl gloss to bless couples

Pearl gloss with luxurious pearl and moist gloss helps to make lovely lips.


1. ZERO Weight Gloss Stickiness ZERO! Heaviness ZERO! It helps to complete the lips without heaviness when it touches the lips with adhering lightly.


2. Moisture Gloss Dryness LESS! Wrinkle LESS! Containing rosehip seed oil and Abyssinica seed oil to express moist and bouncy lips without wrinkles for a long time.


3. Voluminous Lip VOLUME Pearl! VOLUME Fit! Luxurious pearl helps to complete voluminous and brightness lips.


* When you want to express silky pure lips :

Apply gradient lips from the inside with a soft flocking tip of the front.

*When you want to express shiny and glossy lips:

Apply the contents with a smooth silicone tip of backside.

double-side tip production, please open it smoothly when you use it for the first time because the packing is so stiff that the contents may splash.

There is no problem with the contents, so you can use it with confidence.

[Colors can be seen different according to the resolution of a monitor. It reveals differently based on skin color.]


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