MISSHA Misa Jaun Jin Lotion For Men 140ml


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MISSHA Misa Jaun Jin Lotion For Men_140ml

Men’s premium total skincare
that contains valuable oriental herbs

[Anti-wrinkles & Brightening]


1. Soft Men’s Lotion
– Soft emulsion type of men’s lotion
that moisturizes skin barrier


2. Total Skincare for dry, less-resilient, dull skin
caused by harmful external factors for men

– Contains Korean ginseng water instead of regular purified water
to increase the moisturizing level

– Contains 3 precious ginseng and 3 mushrooms
in the mixture of oriental herb forms

* 3 Ginseng: Ginseng, Red ginseng and wood-cultivated ginseng
* 3 Mushrooms: Phellinus, Lingzhi mushroom, and truffle extracts

3. Moisturizes skin barrier
– Moisturized skin barrier with highly nourishing Korean pine oil


4. Smoothening and Soothing
– Smoothen skin texture and soothes skin with Houttuynia cordata extracts




After using the toner, get the content spread
all over the face and gently pat for full absorption



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