MISSHA MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing BB Cake Replacement 20g


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MISA Geum Sul Vitalizing BB Cake Replacement _20g

Oriental herbal BB cake to help make healthy sleek skin by a single step of use

1. Perfect & light coverage while caring skin texture Complex powder helps cover freckles and blemishes while caring skin texture to finish pure skin

2. Balancing skin condition without oiliness & dryness Baby Pixel powder helps control sebum and oil to make skin neatly without oiliness & dryness

3. Well-adhering following skin texture Containing high adhered lasting polymer and Silky-Lasting Coating powder, strongly protecting from sweat and sebum, helps last makeup for long time.

<What is benefit if base make up can be made by only BB Cake?>

If the step of base make up gets more, the skin looks artificial – Comparing with multi-step base makeup, it helps express light, comfortable and natural makeup.

In busy daily life, makeup time can be saved Speedy and perfect base makeup can be made by only 1 item

Wrinkle care makeup applied Fermented red and wild ginseng extract, deer antlers and reishi mushroom allow light finish without stimulation while making sleek and healthy skin


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  1. plumfairy

    After so many great reviews on this from bloggers, I decided t o take the leap despite the higher price point and was so glad I did! It really does give such a beautiful long lasting finish – I think the case also looks a bit dated but otherwise, love this product!

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