MISSHA M Perfect Blanc BB Cream 40ml


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MISSHA M Perfect Blanc BB_40ml

ALL DAY BRIGHT COVER! Light for skin ON! A clear and bright cover for 24H


1. Blanc skin that brightens natural skin tone Contains 10Blanc Complex™ that provides unrivaled brightening cover technology, helping skin present a clear tone even with makeup on. *Effective brightening ingredient refers to Niacinamide only


2. A triple tone-up cover that eliminates all blemishes Helps present bright and lively bare face through a triple tone-up cover (redness/yellowness/darkness) and dull freckles and dark spots *Instant triple tone-up cover *Completed skin adaptation test on reducing freckles and pigmentation Testing institution: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences


3. A pretty and clear cover without darkening for 24h Helps care for rough skin texture and darkening & presents a pretty and clear cover with exfoliating ingredients from honey *Completed test on maintaining anti-darkening for 24h and skin irritation (Completed skin adaptation test/ Testing institution: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences)


Through Bio Conversion, honey is converted into PHA(gluconic acid), which helps to remove dead skin cells and provides moisture and nutrients in honey. A dead skin cell softening ingredient that can be used on sensitive skin. *Function only limited to the ingredient itself



– Take an adequate amount and softly spread it out on face outward – Apply on the areas with more freckles for a clear presentation



No.19 30EA, No.19 Rosy, No.21 30EA, No.21 Vanilla, No.22 30EA, No.22 Beige, No.23 30EA, No.23 Sand


  1. plumfairy

    I bought this mostly since it won a Glow Pick award – I have so many bb creams but I just love collecting them. I like this and it’s perfect for work or when I know I have a full day. It has a soft matte coverage and I find it is very long lasting – in contrast to others which are more glowy, this is a bit more matte in nature. It spreads beautifully though and looks very natural!

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