MISSHA Dare Lip Tint Moist Velvet No.12 Mala Red 4.4g


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MISSHA Dare Lip Tint Moist Velvet [Mala Red]_4.4g

A liquid-to-velvet, moist-matte, longer-lasting lip tint featuring UHD colors with a smooth velvety finish
Applied *Fast Breaking Technology to quickly burst water capsules on lips to give its comfortable, non-drying, moist wear


1. Moist Velvet Texture
A liquid-to-velvet lip tint with watery application that transforms into a smooth velvety finish on lips.

2. Long-lasting Effect
Daring colors stay put on lips with an advanced tint effect

3. UHD Coloring
Features richly pigmented, high-definition colors that appear fresh and vivid on lips



TIP #1
DARE TINT MOIST VELVET delivers a watery application for less clumping,
easier and more delicate application and blending compared to the existing velvet formula.

TIP# 2
Use DARE ROUGE VELVET as a base color and lightly dot on DARE TINT MOIST VELVET
on the center of your lips and gently blend for easy gradient lips!



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