MISSHA Cho Gong Jin Youngan Premium Cream 60ml


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The premium total anti-aging line that helps relieve skin aging with anti-aging effects


1. Premium Firming Anti-aging A premium firming cream with a concentrated formula is infused with a premium Asian herbal blend. It nourishes skin for a firmer-looking and beautifully radiant complexion while helping to combat signs of aging.

2. Gongjinhwangjedan? The Gongjinhwangjedaningredient that nourishes the skin offers deep nutrients and moisture, creating healthy skin through its anti-aging effects.


3. Improvement of the 5 signs of aging on the skin 5 signs of aging on the skin are controlled to lengthen the power of the skin in response to time (wrinkle reduction, elasticity improvement, moisture improvement, density improvement, skin texture improvement).


1. Gongjinhwangjedan?, the secret of CHOGONGJIN YOUNGAN

Geongongtang, from the Joseonwangjosillok: Annals of the Joseon Dynasty,is added to

Gongjidan, from the Dongui Bogam, to provide rich nutrients. It contains precious values and sincerity through a fermentation process using royal techniques.

Common main concept ingredients in the entire line: Gongjinhwangjedan (musk, Angelica Sinensis, Cornus Officinalis, ginseng, Atractylodes macrocephaly Koidzumi, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, health)

Royal wine fermentation: rice fermentation filtrate


2. Combination of rare ingredients with modern science and technology

7 precious herbal ingredients containing whitein Korean Atractylodes macrocephaly Koidzumi, Platinum, Paeonia Obovate, Tribuli Fructus, White Poria cocos Wolf, White cucumber, White Ginseng


Moisturizing ingredients are two times stronger than the existing product. The application of the anti-oxidant, Angelica sinensis, offers a stronger skin conditioning effect.


TEXTURE: Highly enriched ointment-type cream-like texture that is solid as if it was boiled down for a long time

At the last step of skincare, apply an adequate amount of the product while following the direction of the skin texture. Gently press into the skin with the palms of the hands to promote absorption.



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