MISSHA Cho Gong Jin Sulbon Dark Spot Correcting Cream 60ml


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Total brightening line
that helps improve the entire skin complexion

1. Firming & Brightening
A dark spot correcting cream with a concentrated formula helps diminish the appearance of melasma to promote a youthful-looking complexion.


2. CHOGONGJIN SULBON that rules over beautiful skin

They contain CHOGONGJIN SULBON’s main ingredient, Gongjinbaegildan™,
and 7 other ingredients to present a healthy skin condition and .


3. Young-looking skin that shines
even more cleanly the more the products are applied

The formula containing niacinamide, a brightening functional ingredient,
offers concentrated care to even hidden dark spots.


The color formula found in “Dongui Bogam”

Gongjinbaegildan™, the secret of CHOGONGJIN SULBON
The formula of Gongjindan and White Ginseng recorded in “Dongui Bogam” provides vitality to healthy skin and calls for the five ingredients found in recipes of the royal court to be extracted at low temperatures in order to add sincerity.


7 precious herbal ingredients containing ‘white’ in Korean
Atractylodes macrocephala Koidzumi, Platinum, Paeonia Obovate, Tribuli Fructus,
White Poria cocos Wolf, White cucumber, White Ginseng


Effective brightening ingredients

Niacinamide (brightening ingredient)
Helps create bright and radiant skin

Tranexamic Acid
Helps suppress melanin production as an ingredient used in dark-spot treatments


① Essence, dark spot correcting cream:
Completed clinical tests on the improvement of 2-layer dark spots
② Sunscreen:
Completed clinical tests on a temporary reduction of skin temperature
③ All products:
Completed skin irritation tests


Highly enriched ointment-like creamy texture that feels dense and viscous

At the last step of skincare, gently roll an adequate amount of the product
onto the face and allow for absorption into the skin.





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