MISSHA Atelo Collagen 500 Power Plumping Cream 40ml


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MISSHA Atelo Collagen 500
Power Plumping Cream_40ml

#To the end! Deeply and accurately absorbed into the skin
#Missha collagen cream #From elasticity to smile lines
#Early Aging #Atelocollagen #Deep accurate absorption

Firming & Brightening benefits



< Contains 50.7% Atelocollagen formula >

*Atelocollagen formula
=> Atelocollagen + 500-Dalton low-molecular fish collagen
+ Hydrolyzed collagen + Water-soluble collagen

(Atelocollagen formula consisting of 4 kinds of collagen)


1. Skin-friendly French Atelocollagen

Pure and safe collagen by removing telopeptide that causes allergy from collagen
(+Hydrolyzed collagen/Water-soluble collagen)


2. 500-Dalton Low-molecular fish collagen

(Average size of general collagen: 300,000 Daltons)
Low-molecular fish collagen obtained by hydrolyzing collagen with an enzyme
(average: 500 Daltons or lower) fills the skin with inner elasticity after penetrating into the skin.



3. “Active delivery system”
a patented absorption processing method that uses a penetration-boosting effect
activates effective skincare ingredients, completely absorbed into the skin




* Light, ivory-colored dense texture contains
* low-molecular firming collagen capsules
*Collagen capsule
-> Low-molecular collagen+Hyaluronic acid+Elastin
(Component of the dermis)


1. Content in the discharge port may not be even, but this is not a quality problem.
2. If there is no content in the discharge port, a friction sound may be heard when opening the cap for the first time.








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