MISSHA Artemisia Feminine Wash 210ml


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An intimate wash with a mildly acidic formula is infused with probiotics
and double fermented Artemisia Annua Extract.
The gel texture gently cleanses your intimate parts leaving skin refreshed and healthier.


1. Process of Naturally Twice-Fermented ARTEMISIA

1. We grew ARTEMISIA with pure sea breeze of Ganghwa Island, mineral soil, and warm sunlight
2. We harvested ARTEMISIA with full effective skincare ingredients on September
3. We made ARTEMISIA extracts through double fermentation, once in warm temperatures and twice in cool temperatures
4. We have put extract with highly effective skincare ingredients through low-temperature & high pressure extracting method


2. The ultrasonic technology that increases the purity of soothing effect

The ultrasonic production method that stimulates mugwort using small air bubbles
was added to extract a greater amount of effective skincare ingredients.


3. More powerful skin-calming effect from Artemisia Annua Extract than that of Centella Asiatica Extract!
Immediately after applying Artemisia Annua Extract on skin that’s damaged by high heat,
skin temperature improved by 11.2%, representing a 55% higher skin-calming effect
than that of Centella Asiatica Extract.


4. Mildly acidic formula that helps balance the pH of sensitive skin!

It helps balance the pH of skin with a mildly acidic formula to protect
the health protection barrier of sensitive skin.


Apply Artemisia Calming Essence to even out skin texture, followed by the ampoule.
Pat skin gently for absorption to have a quicker calming effect.





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