MISSHA Amazon Red Clay™Pore Mask 110ml


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Powerful oil absorption with Amazon Red Clay™!
Oil absorbing & pore refining

“Crazy absorption & mineral bomb”
of pore-fixing Amazon Red Clay™

-The Story of Amazon Red Clay™ Ingredients-

Amazon Red Clay™ composed of
“Amazon White Clay,” naturally derived pore cleanser used by the natives,

“Brazil Red Clay,” made of 100% minerals for a mineral bomb rich
in various nourishing ingredients, and

“Guanara Fruit Extract,” the red fruit of the Amazonian warriors,
effective for skin vitality care, offering cleaner, tighter pore care!

(Limited to the properties of raw materials)


1. Contains AHA & BHA for smooth pores and skin
as soft as a peeled boiled egg!

Contains AHA & BHA, which are effective for dead skin cell care,
for smooth pores and skin as soft as a peeled boiled egg!

2. Contains 105,000 ppm clay formula composed of porous powder
to absorb sebum inside reddened pores

The porous powder inside the clay finds and absorbs excess oil
and sebum inside the pores, creating Rudolph’s nose!


3. Pore tightening care with 100% mineral red clay

Tightening care of enlarged pores with “100% mineral” red clay
that’s rich in various nourishing ingredients and effective for skin vitality care!

4. Intensive pore care in just 10 minutes!
Intensive care pack that absorbs sebum, impurities,
and oil with a quick-dry formula for smooth tightened pores after use.

After cleansing and drying the face,
apply the product all over the dry face or on areas
that need pore care except for skin around the lips and eyes.
After about 10 minutes when the areas
with problematic pores have turned red,
rinse off with lukewarm water. (Use once or twice a week.)

(The more thinly it is applied, the quicker it dries!)


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