MISSHA Amazon Red Clay Pore Pack Foam Cleanser 120ml


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Powerful cleansing with Amazon Red Clay?! Deep cleansing & pore purifying


Crazy absorption & mineral bomb of pore-fixing Amazon Red Clay? -The Story of Amazon Red ClayIngredients-

Amazon Red Claycomposed of Amazon White Clay, naturally derived pore cleanser used by the natives,

Brazil Red Clay, made of 100% minerals for a mineral bomb rich in various nourishing ingredients, and Guanara Fruit Extract, the red fruit of the Amazonian warriors, effective for skin vitality care, offering cleaner, tighter pore care! (Limited to the properties of raw materials)

1. Dead skin cell care with natural green tea powder & bamboo stem powder Green tea powder: skin soothing & skin texture care Bamboo stem powder: dead skin cell care & impurity care

2. Cleansing deep inside every nook and cranny of pores with dense, rich foam Cleansing deep inside every nook and cranny of pores with strongly adhering, dense foam


3. Absorption of excess sebum & removal of impurities with 122,000 ppm clay formula

4. Pore tightening care with 100% mineral red clay Tightening care of enlarged pores with 100% mineralred clay thats rich in various nourishing ingredients and effective for skin vitality care!

4. Chameleon texture for all-in-one pack and foam cleanser! – Use as a pore cleansing pack by applying and leaving it on for about 1 minute for sebum care – Use as a deep cleansing foam by rubbing the rich foam onto skin!


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