MISSHA Airy Pot Pressed Powder Mint 5g


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MISSHA Airy Pot Pressed Powder[Mint] _ 5g

New innovation of the No-sebum System

A surprisingly innovative, ultra-light powder provides
lump-free non-stuffy sebum canceling and controlling effects


1. Astonishing sebum absorption and blur effects of
MISSHAs Sebum CancellingPowder

Smooth coverage of wrinkles and pores with composition of
various-sized particles of core raw materials


2. The more it is applied, the more it shows its true value.
Transparency that does not clump.

Increasing white cast, lumpiness, and flakes the more it is applied.
We paid attention to the limitations of this commercial no sebum,
minimizing them by applying an extremely light and transparent powder.

The highly transparent powder does not harm your foundation color.
The surprisingly light powder minimizes stuffiness and clumping.
At the moment of application, confirm the true value of
the ultra-light powder that makes you forget you applied anything.


3. Compression without talc with the use of patented materials
Application of materials and technology that can be shaped
without talc by containing original complex powder


4. Strongly resistant to sweat and sebum
The Airy Pot Pact boasts a sweat and sebum resistant, life-proof formula
that plays the role of fixing makeup for days on which your skin is especially
vulnerable to sweat and sebum, such as days when you participate
in outdoor activities, when you wear masks, and rainy days.



5.Same weight, different volume that unbelievable lightness
The secret of lightness is 11micrometers ultra-light powder.

                          MISSHA SEBUM CUT POWDER PACT                                      MISSHA AIRY POT PACT



Highly transparent texture can be used not only on the face
but also, on the hair and lips







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