MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask Pomegranate


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■ Description

1. Eco-friendly skin-fit sheet
– Safe use by 100% natural-derived eco-friendly sheet
– Excellent air permeability with thin and light fabric
– Providing skin comfort with excellent adherence

2. Glutinous rice cake sheet thinner than paper
– Compared to normal sheet, it’s 2 times thinner and lighter.
– It provides convenience with light and thin sheet just like my skin.
3. Fresh up! Cold brew method
– By applying cold brew method that extracted with a solvent at low temperature, it provides active ingredients more safely and freshly.

MISSHA Airy Fit Sheet Mask Pomegranate

Perfect adhesion like glutinous rice cake!
Skin-fit daily sheet mask to deliver active ingredients to the skin effectively by sticky adhesion

■ Ingredient

Pomegranate: It makes skin elastic and smooth by containing pomegranate ingredient helpful for managing skin elasticity for weak and tired skin.

■ How to use

Step 1: After washing your face, prepare the skin with toner.
Step 2: Spread the sheet mask evenly over the face.
Step 3: Leave it for 15~20 minutes and remove the mask.
Step 4: Pat leftover essence lightly until fully absorbed.

Tip: Use leftover essence on the pouch to neck, arms, or legs.



  1. plumfairy

    I enjoyed this as a quick fix and pleasant to use mask – I liked the light fruity pomegrante flavor.

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