MISSHA MISA Yei Hyun Emulsion 140ml


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1 review for MISSHA MISA Yei Hyun Emulsion 140ml

  1. plumfairy
    3 out of 5


    When I received this, the bottle is really beautiful. It’s heavy and made of glass with a beautiful pink gradient on the side. Unfortunately I never had a chance to try it because it is bottle where you shake the emulsion out and the product won’t come out no matter how hard you shake it. It is heavily fragrance d and if I had been able to try it, am sure I would have been pleased!

  2. pretapistola
    3 out of 5


    Purchased this locally. I really wanted to like this emulsion (finally, an affordable ginseng cosmetic that’s widely available in Canada!). However, this product suffers from (what seems to be) Missha’s tendency to compromise an otherwise acceptable product with a dated, cheap-smelling (and potentially irritating) fragrance.

    While I enjoyed the product’s milky texture (which makes it easy to apply w/o pulling and tugging at my face), as I applied it I felt mild irritation (stinging?) and noticed my (already ruddy) complexion becoming even redder. While the redness receded as it dried (the smell, however, lingers), the fact that it irritated my skin at all is disconcerting. Given that I couldn’t find any other obvious source of irritation in the ingredients list, I’m going to attribute the irritation to that overwhelming fragrance. (I should note that I didn’t notice these effects when I patch tested, only when I applied the product to my entire face – so I’ll have to patch test on more sensitive areas of my face in the future).

    Unfortunately, iirc, this tendency towards overpowering fragrance doesn’t disappear as you move up Missha’s ginseng line, so I likely won’t be experimenting with any of those in the future. It’s unfortunate, b/c there seems to be a market for affordable ginseng/hanbang products, and Missha’s Yei Hyun line would be a decent introduction if they reformulated it to be more accessible to those of us with sensitive skin (this line’s toner has denatured alcohol high on the ingredients list, so I didn’t want to take my chances with that one).

    Finish-wise, the emulsion dries with a slight (but acceptable) sheen, and seems to play well under makeup and sunscreen. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to make my combination skin break out, and has a mild plumping effect. When I layer it over my snail serum, it nicely counteracts the serum’s slight stickiness and seems to offer the right amount of moisture for my skin type. While I want to give the Yei Hyun emulsion a chance (I’ve only been using it 1x/day for 3 days), I’m wary about the potential long term effects/risk of sensitization if I use it daily. I was looking for a solid daily moisturizer with potential added benefits from the hanbang ingredients – Missha’s Yei Hyun emulsion would have been a contender if it wasn’t for that fragrance. Those w/o sensitive skin may fare better.

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