APIEU Pure Pine Bud Bubble Foam Cleanser 150ml


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APIEU Pure Pine Bud Bubble Foam Cleanser_150ml

Mild bubble foam that gently removes
unnecessary impurities leaving fresh skin


1. Natural Ingredients
– Contains 98% of naturally derived ingredients
– Contains 100% of naturally derived fragrance


2. Soft foam
– Soft foam lightly applied on skin minimizing irritation
and helps mild cleansing at the same time


3. Plant-based surfactant bubble
– Plant-based surfactant bubble helps to cleanse
impurities neatly at every corner of the skin


3. Soft Bubble Foam
– Provides clear moisturizing skin after cleansing


A cosmetic product that is inspired by the Vegan lifestyle
that respects animal life and excludes animal-derived ingredients.


1. Vegan Certification Cosmetic
– No animal testing
– No animal-derived ingredients

2. EWG green grade products
– used naturally derived ingredients
– used natural fragrance


APIEU created Pure Pine Bud Vegan line very carefully.
By its strict formation rules, we have checked each
ingredient thoroughly thus obtained
France EVE Vegan certification.


Main Ingredients:

Scotch Pine Extract:
collected from clear pine trees throughout the year
Skin Hydration

Germinated Sprout Complex:
(Sprout of Beans, Mung Beans, Sesame, Wheat and Rice embryo)
-> Maximized active ingredients by germinating
about 5-7 days and extracted within 24 hours

Skin Hydration


VEGAN certified
Container and Packaging is USED

The materials used for containers and cartons- no animal testing
and also no animal-derived materials are used. Also for the carton,
used naturally derived paper made from 100% sugar cane residue.







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