APIEU Mineral Lip and Eye Remover Sweet Rose 250ml


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A’PIEU Mineral Lip&Eye Remover (Sweet Rose) (Large Volume)

A gentle, effective eye makeup remover with cool and refreshing marine fragrance

•For those who want perfect cleansing lip & eye remover •For those who wear heavy or waterproof makeup

1.Two-phase lip & eye remover that removes of all types of makeup, including waterproof formulas 2.The solution glides across skin provides silky finish without leaving residue behind 3.Super mild remover, perfect to be used for sensitive eye and mouth areas 4.Contains ingredients for skin hydration leaving skin moisturized after cleansing

Cleansing Test

• Mildly removed makeup without any irritation

HOW TO USE:  1. Shake the content before usage to make two separate layers mixed 2. Take an appropriate amount on the cotton puff and wipe off around the eye and lip areas softly.



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