APIEU Milky U 35ml


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APIEU Milky U_35ml

Milk oil that helps make skin texture moisturizing
and radiant with abundant moisture and nourishment

Daily oil serum helps make optimal skin condition no matter who uses it every day!

1. Soft Moist
Special texture with softness of milk and moisture of oil

2. Nourishing
Full of milk protein and oil ingredient excellent with hydration and nourishment

3. Daily Use
Refreshing daily oil serum to use everyday

Extract of milk protein (substitution with distilled water)

– Strengthen skin protection film
– Make soft and clean skin texture

Skin Nourishing Oil Complex

(rice bran, flax seed, coconut, jojoba seed, sweet almond oil)
– Nature-oriented ingredient

– Nourishment & hydration effect
– Elastic skin care

Before & After 

– With hydration and nutrition prescription
from pure ingredients which have gotten EWG Green grade,
you can make your skin radiant from deep inside
– As a result of magnifying face 50 times, skin cared with Milky U has been moisturized well.

*Tips* Synergy effect of Milky U 

1. Milky U Layering
[Thicker hydration film and moisturizing radiance]

Layer by applying on the skin one more

2. Milky U Blending
[Powerful hydration & Nutrition care]

Depending on skin condition, apply Milky U and moisturizing cream by blending with appropriate amount.

3. Milky U Mask
[Milky U sleeping pack, instead of mask]

Mix Milky U and hydration/nutritious cream with 1:1 ratio.


1. Take an appropriate amount,
and gently apply in the direction of the skin texture.

2. Absolve by covering face with palms.


  1. plumfairy

    This is such an adorable serum and I love the milky color of the serum that absorbs instantly but I was a bit confused on how to use this to complement my other serums. It seems like a really nice basic moisturizing serum I could use with some of my actives though I felt it lacked a “wow” factor and how it was really a standout serum. I bought this as it was adorable and affordable!

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