APIEU Baby Tone Up Serum 65ml


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A’PIEU Baby Tone-up Serum_65ml

Oil-Water Balance Soft Baby Skin Serum

Baby tone-up skin/serum brightens the dull skin by absorbing freshly and smoothly and at the same time treats the skin texture to look sleek


*Main Ingredient* Baby NMF Complex 50%


Glowing complexion! Healthy skin! – Tone-up for natural glowing and clear skin – Combining Pink vitamin improves skin clearness and vibrancy, and NMF Complex, a natural moisturizing factor, brightens skin by improving the appearance of skin tone


1. Clear vibrant PINK VITAMIN Pink Vitamin (Vitamin B12) improves the brightness, and whitening ingredient provides radiance to the skin


2. Eye catching glowing skin Natural Moisturizing Factor (Baby NMF Complex) only exists in baby skin Baby NMF Complex maintains skin moisture and improves skin texture to healthy looking


3. Moisturizing It balances moisture and keeps skin fresh and smooth



1. After cleansing and toner, apply few drops on face. 2. Gently rub on the face to be fully absorbed



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