APIEU 18 First Toner 180ml


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Mild-acid toner to soothe sensitive skin

A’PIEU 18 First Toner

1.Moisturizing Skin
Alkaline skin of puberty teenagers feels dry, lacking of moisture, therefore, skin moisture level balance products are required.

2.Protecting Skin
pH 5.5 works as skin protect barrier that protects skin from harmful external environment
3.Comforting skin
Skin usually maintains pH 5.5 level but several factors cause balance to be collapsed. Therefore, it is very important to work hard on maintaining this balance


At the first step of skin care, take an appropriate amount on the cotton puff and apply softly over the face.



  1. plumfairy

    You just can’e beat the price on this affordable toner – I use it after my cleanse with a cotton puff tot make sure I’ve taken off all my makeup!

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