APIEU 18 Daily Cleansing Foam 130ml


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APIEU 18 Daily Cleansing Foam_130ml

The gift for sensitive 18-year-old skin!

Slightly acidic daily cleansing foam that gently removes skin wastes with dense, rich foam


Main Ingredients:

Asparagus Extract, Spinach Extract, Broccoli Extract, Celery Extract,
Lettuce Extract, Cucumber Extract, Blueberry Water


1. The start of skin moisturizing
Usually, adolescent skin is easy to feel dry, so it is important to select an oil & moisture balance product that makes the moisture film.

2. Healthy skin protection
The skin pH5.5 index is the beginning of healthy skin as a barrier to prevent skin damage from external harmful environment.

3. Comfortable skin
The skin usually maintains a pH5.5, but the balance is broken down by various factors and it is necessary to balance it again.

4. For adolescents
The various stresses that adolescents have these days are the biggest cause of skin balance breakdown.

※ pH5.5, the skin feels most comfortable
: Slightly Acidic 18 Line that maintains the skin’s original pH 5.5 and corrects the broken balance




Fresh cleansing filled with moisture:
It gives mild and moist finish with the amino acid-based surfactant.
* Due to the nature of the vegetable amino acid-based surfactant,
there may be slightly clumped, but there is no abnormality, so you can use it with confidence.



1. Take an appropriate amount into the wet hands and make bubbles
2. Rub thoroughly over the face, and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.


  1. plumfairy
    4 out of 5


    I enjoyed this – it was a simple nice cleanser that I like to use in the morning. I like the easy tube format and it’s great to throw in my bag.

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