APIEU Madecassoside Ampoule 30ml


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Improve skin with concentrated Centella Asiatica for dry damaged skin

A’PIEU MADECASSOSIDE AMPOULE •For those with damaged skin caused by dryness •For those who need to strengthen skin barrier •For those who need relieve sensitive skin

1.Specialized for skin soothing with double concentration and blending of Centella Asiatica and Madecassoside

2. Simplified formulation that refines skin texture with calming effect for sensitive skin Contain minimal active ingredients, artificial color and fragrance free

3.Concentrated fresh watery type ampoule with rapid absorption power

   4.Gently helps to soothe skin by complete absorption without leaving any stickiness behind

HOW TO USE:  1.Take an adequate amount and apply following the skin texture. Gently press into skin for absorption. 2.Mix Madecassoside ampoule and high concentrated Madecassoside gel for skin damage and texture improvement and calming effect.



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  1. plumfairy

    This has a really light watery texture that absorbs immediately – I almost wish it had a bit of a thicker texture as I feel like I end up using a lot. It does absorb quickly and feels very pleasant

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